We are excavating top quality Rock Salt which is used as a raw material in various industries.

  • Benefits/Uses of Salt Products
  • Salt lamps especially curing and comforting for asthma patients and breathing illness
  • Natural Salt has best integration with human systems with immense positive effects
  • Salt for animal diet especially sheep,cattle,horses
  • Industrial use of granulated salt
  • Salt for de-icing in frozen regions
  • Salt in medicines and food/fisheries industries
  • We at HML are capable of meeting most of the salt export requirements stated above ; Quality and timely delivery shall be the hall marks of our services


We are excavating good quality Coal which is used as a raw material in power generation and various other industries. The need of this power source is ever increasing for a developing country like Pakistan. Haroon Mines with its conformity to established mining procedures world-wide, is one of the most reliable name in this sector.