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History and Performance

The Company’s history can be traced back to the establishment of a public limited company in 1978, as a major private investment in the mineral sector of Pakistan. Across the country our operations are committed to working in ways that are true to Charter Values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability. When we do, we continue building on our success today and for tomorrow.

HML is among the major producers of coal and rock salt. Our unrivalled portfolio of high quality growth opportunities will ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and the resources demand of Pakistan at every stage of growth.

Our philosophy is to operate mines safely by promoting a deeply rooted value based culture, leveraging mining skills developed over the company’s long history and by innovating new as well as modern practices.

2010: Mr Haroon Ghani Cheema, Chief Executive Haroon Mines Limited (right), on the invitation of Commonwealth UK participated in a meeting held at London UK for formulation of National Mineral Policy of Pakistan.

The diversification of the HML portfolio continues to be our defining attribute. The quality of our people, our asset base and our uncharged strategy of owning and operating large, long-life, low-cost, expandable, upstream assets diversified by commodity together with our ability and commitment to investing through the cycle and delivering projects on budget and to schedule, is what sets us apart from our peers. HML can never take its performance for granted. Each day, we must safely operate all of our assets at capacity and continue to identify those resources we will leave to the next generation.

We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. The long-term nature of our operation allow us to establish long lasting relationships with our host communities where we work together to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who live our operations and to society more generally.


1996: Mr Haroon Ghani Cheema, Chief Executive Haroon Mines Limited (front row-middle), on the invitation of ILO attended conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the issues of international mines labour issues. To achieve this, we also need a workforce that reflects diversity in all forms, including gender, skills, experience and ethnicity . Embracing openness, true teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial, reflects our core values and is the focus of our peoples strategy. In all our efforts, we aim to be inclusive and build pride as well as loyalty.

By building on our past and combining the assets of company with the very best of our skills and people, HML is ideally placed to continue to contribute in the resources extractive industry into the future.

Profile of The Chief Executive

Mr. Haroon Ghani Cheema is the one of leading entrepreneur in Pakistan. His passion & love for nation has always kept him close to the rough & hazardous terrain of Potohar, where he has been bringing hope & prosperity to the local populace for the last thirty years. It is His vision & forceful personality which has converted wilderness into a hospitable oasis wherever he went. His vast experience and knowledge of the Mines has earned him deep rooted respect in the eyes of everyone linked with the profession of Mining in Pakistan.

Board of Directors:

Mr. Muhammad Ali Haroon Cheema – Executive Director & Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Muhammad Ali Haroon Cheema joined Haroon Mines in 2014 and since then has led the company to 0fe62056-d129-43e3-88f0-8dd178837d09become the most advanced and most well-known mining concern in Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Ali Haroon Cheema brings unparalleled experience; with a field work experience in mining background combined with an MSc/Bsc International Business from University of Westminster London. He has also held leadership roles in the Coal, Rock Salt excavation and supply and salt recycling industries. Mr. Cheema has played an influential role in driving reforms and policy aimed towards making Pakistan’s mining industry more competitive and sustainable. With a passion for mining sciences , Mr. Cheema is also an active member of Pakistan Mine Owner’s Association and patronizes the publishing of its periodical The Bulletin, which has mentioned him as one of the top young and upcoming entrepreneur in the mining sector in Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Karim Haroon Cheema – Director Exports

7Mr. Karim Haroon Cheema brings with him wealth of knowledge in legal and export matters including almost all facets of value addition in Rock Salt. Mr. Karim joined Haroon Group in 2015 and has held various positions including Director Exports and Project Director Value Addition. He is a Law graduate from BPP Law University London and is a budding entrepreneur. His vigor and energy is directed towards the future growth of Haroon Group of Companies.